The Baton Rouge Police Department investigated a shooting that occurred early Friday morning just outside of the LSU campus.

Police say Adonis Forbes was shot on West Roosevelt near the Edward Gray Apartments.

He told police that the man who shot him walked into a residence armed with a gun. The man started shooting at Forbes, who was also armed. Forbes ran when he saw the gun but managed to return fire while running.

Forbes was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

Investigators say the only lead they have at this time is that the suspect who shot Forbes was a black male with dreadlocks.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call crime stoppers at 344-STOP.

This incident occurred in the 70802 zip code, which has the 2nd highest homicide rate in the city.

Recently, BRAVE added 70802 to the zip codes they are targeting for their violence elimination initiative.

Jason Hamilton
[email protected]