More and more states are joining hands in legalizing marijuana in the United States. Almost 60% of voters think that marijuana must be decriminalized in the United States. And 94% of the voters simply favor medical marijuana usage. Every state that has legalized medical marijuana has strict law in place to control the usage of marijuana.

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Medical cannabis in the United States

As days pass by, we are seeing many states legalizing marijuana. We have made a list of 12 states that may get legal marijuana by the year 2020!

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1. Arkansas

With a legal marijuana tax revenue of $82 million, we can’t imagine why Arkansas has taken this big step.They are known for strict marijuana law. However, it seems to be loosening up the laws a little bit. Medical Marijuana was approved to be used in the year 2016. And just like that, two years later, five companies were given the approval to grow and sell medical marijuana. So you can see why Arkansas is on this list.

2. Connecticut

Like Arkansas, Connecticut may have a huge revenue of $99 million from legal marijuana. In 2016, Connecticut passed a law to legalize medical marijuana. In 2018, around 71% of the voters have approved legalizing marijuana in the state!

3. Delaware


Delaware may draw about $26 million from the legal marijuana tax! Voters did not support the legalization of Marijuana in Delaware at first. But slowly the air is changing and Delaware is in the discussion of how good it will be to legalize marijuana. So we may see a big improvement by 2020!

4. Illinois


With a potential revenue of $334 million, we don’t see why legalization of marijuana must not take place in Illinois. Many have argued against the legalization of marijuana due to the fact that there will be harmful side effects, kids addiction, too many accidents. However, the pros of legalizing marijuana beat the cons. Legalization of marijuana will actually make kids use it less, there is huge revenue generation, and lastly, all the health benefits you get from marijuana cannot be missed. So it wouldn’t be a surprise when Illinois passes the law to legalize marijuana by 2020.

5. Maine

With a potential revenue of $37 million, many voters have approved selling and growing of marijuana in the year 2016. Voters want to legalize it however, it has not been approved by the lawmakers. By 2020, voters will somehow get what they need!

6. Maryland

They could have a potential revenue of $165 million from legalized marijuana. 61% of the residents of Maryland support the legalization of marijuana. So, there is a ray of hope for Maryland to be one of the states that decriminalize marijuana by 2020.

7. Michigan

With a potential revenue of $273, we cannot understand why the legalization of marijuana in Michigan is a bad idea. There was enough coalition petition signed to regulate marijuana in this state. So, there are chances we may soon see marijuana legalized in Michigan.

8. Minnesota

Only 30% of votes were received to legalize marijuana in Minnesota in the year 2014. This made many of us think it is not going to be happening! But in 2017, 50% of voters agreed to get marijuana decriminalized. And soon many more voters will sound their voice in legalizing marijuana once and for all.

9. Florida

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With a potential revenue of $557 million, we don’t see any reason why marijuana should not be legalized. Florida will soon realize that they are missing a major chunk of revenue by not decriminalizing marijuana.

10. New Hampshire

New Hampshire could possibly earn around $37 million if they decriminalize marijuana. In 2018, the house voted to decriminalize marijuana. That was not it, the house even approved an amended bill to get marijuana legalized in the state. However, anti-legalization Governor did not approve of this.

11. New Jersey

With a $246 potential revenue drawn from marijuana, New Jersey will not be left behind in decriminalizing marijuana. Governor of New Jersey has always supported the legalization of marijuana. However, the legalization plans are moving at a slower pace than we thought. However, by 2020, New Jersey will catch up with other states to decriminalize marijuana.

12. New York

New York can never ignore the potential revenue of $544 million that could be earned by marijuana! And the best news is it is on its way in legalizing marijuana completely by 2020. There was a setback in 2014 when the then Governor did not show interest in partaking in the legalization of marijuana. However, things have changed and legalization of medical marijuana has come to light.